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The Region of Rostock – facts

The region of Rostock is located in the north-east of the federal territory of Germany and is nestled between the metropolis regions Copenhagen/ Malmö, Hamburg, Berlin as well as Stettin. Moreover it is directly located at the Baltic Sea.
In the region of Rostock there are living over 400.000 Inhabitants, spread across the hanseatic city of Rostock and the administrative district. Approximately 60 % of the regions inhabitants are living in one of the three cities Rostock, Güstrow and Bad Doberan. Region Rostock has one of the most powerful economies of Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania and spreads over approx. 3.602 sq km. Due to metropolitan features the hanseatic city of Rostock as the biggest city in Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania forms in cooperation with the administrative district the regiopolis region of Rostock. Special highlights were the almost simultaneous events of the 800-years anniversary of the hanseatic city of Rostock in 2018 and the 600-years anniversary of the University of Rostock in 2019.

The transport infrastructure provides the best options to visit the region with its interstates A19 (North-South) and A20 (East-West) as well as railway connections directly to Hamburg and Berlin (ICE-train path). The national and international accessibility of the region is provided by the most important German deepwater and universal port at the Baltic Sea. Moreover the cruise port which is also known as the “city port of Berlin” and the airport in Rostock – Laage are optimal supplements. The network of the public transportation system, including trams, regional and suburban trains as well as busses and ferries, is outstanding. Moreover the cycle and hiking paths enable a closer look at the hanseatic city and the administrative district of Rostock without any cars.

Traditional as well as new businesses provide important economic stimuli which spread over the region and further on. Approximately one third of the biggest businesses of the federal state are located in the region of Rostock. The majority of these businesses are also highest-grossing. Businesses such as AIDA Cruises, Nordex, Liebherr and the university hospital belong to the greatest employers of the region. Beside the focus areas of marine economy and wind energy, the region also focuses on the sectors of agriculture, medicine and tourism. In plenty areas networks have been implemented, such as Rostock hydrogen initiative and the association of economy and research BioCon Valley®. Moreover the navy command of the federal Armed Forces has been located in Rostock in 2012.

The infrastructure and the scenic beauty are not the only reason for businesses and the inhabitants to come and stay in the region of Rostock, but also the enormous knowledge network. The University of Rostock, which is the oldest university of northern Europe, the college of music and theatre in Rostock as an artistic centre of the region and the technical college Güstrow as an apprenticeship place of the financial administration and the police department, belong to the knowledge portrait of the region besides the schools of general education and professional education. Research facilities adjust the network of knowledge. These include two Fraunhofer institutes, facilities of the Leibnitz-society, research facilities of the federal republic and the Max-Planck-institute.
Approximately 1.7 Mio vacationers visit the region every year to be enchanted by the beauty of the coast line and the appealing tracts of the interior land. A variety of finance investments in tourism infrastructure make the region more attractive. Examples are new marinas in Kühlungsborn and Rostock/ Hohe Düne as well as the reconstruction of coastal places and former manor houses of the interior land. Besides the “Hanse Sail” and the “Warnemünder Woche” there are further cultural events, for instance the concerts in the cathedral of Doberan and theatrical performances in the Barlach city Güstrow, that draw visitors to the region. The Christmas market in Rostock is a highlight for the locals as well as for visitors of the whole federal republic and from Scandinavia. Besides many tourists coming to the region of Rostock also companies recognized the region as the perfect place for meetings and incentives. The coast line landscape of the Baltic Sea promises a compound of successful meetings and the attractions of the nature, with its slogan “seaside conferencing”.